Jay Sitlani
Chief Executive Officer

At 15 years old, I had my first job serving tea and running errands on a film set. Some days I slept on site even if the shift was at an odd hour. Responsibility was innate for me, and since I’m the oldest of three siblings, I’ve always felt the need to take care of my family. When my parents hit financial hardship years later, I was already prepared to work hard and hold down the fort. I always knew I didn’t want us to just survive…I wanted us to be more. I’d been paying special attention to the rise of the internet in my life-time, and it was my mission to build a business over this new wave. My gut was always telling me that the internet would be boundless, and with print and TV losing its power, my instinct seemed to be on the right path. I was later left with the question of, “What exactly did I want to do?”

I got my first taste of clarity when I looked within myself. Who am I? I am a brother and a son. Someone who wants to give his family the world. Not only that, but I also wanted to use the power of technology to send a message, to impact lives and to do my part to change the world — My direction was deeply rooted in myself.

When my younger brother started creating content on the internet for fun, I took a keen interest in critiquing his work. I quickly realized he was really talented. I wanted to help him rise. Fast forward to a few months later, my brother Jake and I were ready to make this business happen. I went to the nearest bank to actualize our dream, and after scavenging for a few more bucks…Crash Boom Bang Digital was born.

Days and nights of blood, sweat and tears later, we’ve bagged more clients than we could ever anticipate. With our team, we often work at all hours, and there’s no doubt that it’s tiring. But at the end of each day’s work, we feel complete. The best part about Crash Boom Bang Digital is the journey itself. We’re creating powerful content that is not just simply viewed, but consumed. We’re no longer just holding fort, but we’re building a community together…using the power of the internet for the greater good.

Jake Sitlani
Chief Creative Officer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in films. I’ve always been intrigued by the lense of the camera and the power it holds. You could find the pre-teen Jake, glued to his computer, watching all kinds of videos for hours. Captivated by the stories that unfolded in front of me, I knew very early on I was looking into my future.  I made my first video for a brand at the prime age of 14. Piecing my first real work together opened up a whole world of curiosity— I started creating all kinds of content, just for fun.

Suddenly, people I didn’t know were following my work online which caught me by surprise. The encouragement from strangers boosted my passion. After running a YouTube channel and freelancing for a while, my brother took notice, too. It was an honor to impress him and to have his support meant everything to me. Before I knew it, we were building our own company that was centered around everything we love to do.

I may have got a glimpse at the power of storytelling very early on. With my team, we now get to be part of making masterpieces. No matter the budget, we treat each project as art, like a painting, and every line and brushstroke is placed exactly where it should.  Just like that, we make magic together – connecting you with the world, one story at a time.